BOAT RACE 三国 10#





■「モーニングレース」開催中は、8:00 に開門いたします。    

Facility Guide

Building 1


Building 2

No. of customer seats
Free seating 4,283 seats
Reserved seating
Pair seating
212 seats
:1,000 yen
per seat
Group seating
(Up to 4 people)
26 seats
:2,000 yen
per seat
Large group seating
(from 6 to 10 people)
1 seats
:3,000 yen
per seat
Special grandstand seats
40 seats
:2,000 yen
per seat

* Equipped with seat monitors

* Children may not accompany adults in pair or group or special grandstand seats.

* Purchase of reserved seats and special grandstand seats is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Off-stadium Sales Office Dear Boat Mikuni

No. of customer seats
General seating Free
Paid seating
36 seats
:1,500 yen per seat
4 seats
:2,000 yen per seat
Group seating
2 rooms
:3,000 yen per room

* When races are in session, all seats are available from the evening.

* There is a 1,000 yen discount after 5 p.m.

Click on the Course Map to see photos.

*Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.If you wish to smoke, please use the smokers' lounges.